Golf Swing Tips – Tips From a Former Professional to Help You Improve Your Game

When it comes to golf I have been around the block a few times. While I was at one time a golf professional in a pro shop, I also know what it feels like to play in a professional tournament. I can also still remember when I could not break 100 and the frustration that came along with it. Golf can be a very frustrating game or it can be the most enjoyable time you can have. The problem is with all the 50,000 golf swing tips that one can find, you can do your self more harm than good. Golf swing tips are a dime a dozen, and while many of them have good intentions many of them are based upon what the teacher is feeling. Keep reading I will explain a little more.

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If you are trying to hit a draw many teachers will tell you to keep your back to the target as long as possible. Now while it is physically impossible to keep your back to the target and hit a ball, the feeling of keeping your back toward the target keeps you from spinning your hips and shoulders to fast before the club catches up. It is just a feeling that they are trying to get you to feel at that time. Now if you continue to attempt to keep your back to the target eventually you will be hitting a duck hook.

Here is an example another tip that can cause problems. When a person is hitting a hook a tip might be spin your hips faster. Now because that person is so used to letting the club drop and come from so far inside because of not releasing their hips this will straighten out the hook for a bit. However if you keep trying to spin your hips faster, eventually your hips will move out of the way to fast causing the club to come over the top of the ball and you will be hitting a giant slice.

What happens is people read these tips and take them to extremes. The start out with one or the other from above and get some good results for a while. But as time goes on the problem you were trying to correct with one golf swing tip becomes a problem to be fixed by another swing tip. Then because you have already tried both tips you figure well I already did the back to the target thing and it worked for a while but now I’m hitting a hook. And then I did the spin the hips golf swing tip and now I’m back to hitting the hook so lets see what other tip I can find since those two did not work for very long.

Wrong answer. What you would need to do is return to the back to the target feeling. This time pay attention to how much or long you need to feel like your back is to the target to get the results you want. After some time if you start hitting a hook again then keep your back to the target a little less until you get the results you want. Jumping from one golf swing tip to another is the fastest possible way to ruin your game and your enjoyment for it.

The idea that works best is to have a simple repeating golf swing. The more repeatable your swing the better you will strike the ball. The better you hit the ball the better you will score……if your short game is decent.

After playing with some of the best players in the world and teaching the game for a number of years here is my best recommendation for you to improve your golf game.

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