Golf Driving Tips

From day 1, every golfer wants to hit 300 yard drives. Most of us will never come close! But that does not mean that you can’t maximize your distance and accuracy. Golf Driving Tips is committed to helping the everyday golfer, get the most out of your driver.

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Here are Some Tips for You

Golf Driving Tips – The Hands

Without getting into too much detail on the grip, it all starts with pressure. We are not proponents of teaching everyone to hold the club the same way. Even on the PGA Tour, it is hard to find 2 players who hold the club exactly the same. BUT, without exception, nobody on tour strangles the golf club! Most amateurs severely limit driving distance and accuracy by trying to hit it hard.

The great Sam Snead said you should hold your club like a bird in your hands – tight enough that it cannot fly away, but light enough that you will not harm it. A light grip allows you to swing the club, not hit the ball. Remember, it’s called a golf SWING, not a golf HIT!

Golf Driving Tips – The Head

“Keep your head down!” How many times have you heard this? Please try and erase this from your memory! What we should be thinking is the opposite. The great Tiger Woods once said that he keeps his head up, that he feels like he is looking over his cheek bones down at the ball. This concept does a couple of things:

1. It keeps you from slouching. Nothing kills a golf swing like bad posture! You’ll notice that keeping your head up or back will cause your whole spine to be nice and straight, from top to bottom. This allows your arms to hang properly and swing on plane without thinking about it.

2. With your head back, your lead shoulder can turn under your chin and complete the back swing. A full turn is the key to hitting long straight drives. If your head is down, your lead shoulder will collide with your chin causing a stunted back swing, leading to inconsistency.

Golf Driving Tips – Lessons

One of the great mistakes that most golfers make, especially beginners, is to listen to another high handicapper on how to play the game. Golf is a game that is best taught by professionals. It is their job! They are trained! Let them teach you!

So if the above tips have a limited affect on your game, seek the help of a PGA Professional and schedule a lesson. In the long run, you’ll be glad you did!

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